What Is Good Governance? (coming soon)

What Can We Learn from US Governance Promotion in Foreign Countries? (coming soon)

How Can We Strengthen Confidence in the US Electoral Process? (coming soon)


Research on the impact of institutions, laws, processes, and norms on the operation of our government.


Classroom Materials

Teaching Materials

Classroom materials to help teachers engage students who will shape our future government.


Creating opportunities for Americans across the political spectrum to build consensus on how our government should operate.



Our institutions of government help translate the will of the people into concrete action. What institutions do we need and what should their roles be?



Laws and Processes

The laws and bureaucratic processes dictate how our institutions of government operate. Do we have the right laws and processes in place?




Norms of governance are shared understandings about how things should work that have not been formalized in laws or regulations. What norms do we share and what norms would we like to have?


Who Is Good Governance USA?

We’re nobody special and we’re the bedrock of democracy . . . just like you. We’re Republicans, Independents, and Democrats but we’re all Americans first. We believe in a transparent, accountable, effective democratic republic that protects human rights, under the Constitution and the rule of law.

We believe that our government is as healthy as the institutions, laws, processes, and norms that make it work day in and day out. The shared commitment to our institutional foundation must be stronger than our commitment to any political party or policy issue or interest in personal gain. That’s why we ask how the government should operate eight years from now–when nobody knows what party will be in power, what politician will be running for office, or what policy issues will be on the table.

If you are an American first, we hope you will join us.