Mission Statement

Good Governance USA is an organization dedicated to strengthening the national consensus about the rules, processes, and norms by which our government should operate, at all levels of government. It promotes civil, non-partisan dialogue by sponsoring panel discussions, moderating online forums, producing videos, podcasts and other content, and designing classroom materials that allow Americans of all ages to discuss and agree on what good governance means for the United States of America.

Vision Statement

Good Governance USA seeks to encourage and empower the US citizenry to come to agreement through a shared discussion of good governance laws, rules, norms, and principles in order to strengthen our democratic republic and create a better life for all.

In a republic, power is invested in the people and delegated by the people to the government. The people would be better served exercising this power if they have a clear, shared understanding of the roles of government actors and institutions and the processes by which they should operate. 

This discussion is nonpartisan. It is focused on eight years from now. We do not know who will hold office, what parties will be represented, or what policies they will pursue. This “veil of ignorance” allows us to think about and discuss the best rules for governing the country without the ability or temptation to think about the best rules for a candidate, politician, or political party. By what rules, processes, or norms, should our government govern?

Who Is Good Governance USA?

We’re nobody special and we’re the bedrock of democracy . . . just like you. We’re Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, but we’re all Americans. We believe in a transparent, accountable, effective democratic republic that protects human rights, under the Constitution and the rule of law.

We believe that our government is as healthy as the institutions, laws, processes, and norms that make it work day in and day out. The shared commitment to our institutional foundation must be stronger than our commitment to any political party or policy issue or interest in personal gain. That’s why we ask how the government should operate eight years from now–when nobody knows what party will be in power, what politician will be running for office, or what policy issues will be on the table.

If you are an American concerned about good governance, we hope you will join us.

Come Join Us

Good Governance USA is currently seeking volunteers for the following roles:

  • Advisory board
  • Affiliated researchers
  • Content creation
  • IT support
  • Legal

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.